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KBE+ Inc., was founded in 1997 as an engineering consulting firm, specializing in the automotive industry, with a focus on transmission designs, gears, and gearboxes. KBE+ represents a team of individuals that have spent their entire career understanding, and then advancing the state-of-the-art of transmission design, application, and analysis. All of our principals are degreed engineers, many with advanced degrees and / or professional licensure. We look forward to bringing our expertise to bear on your design and development problems.

With over fifty years of gear design, development and application experience, the resources we can offer our clients are sufficient to solve any technical challenge.



Over the past 10 years, Mark has built KBE+, Inc. into a widely recognized firm of Consulting Engineers engaged in the design and development of gear trains and power transmission devices. Mark continues to develop state-of-the-art solutions to client problems and mechanical power transmission issues. He regularly engages in panel reviews of new ideas and concepts and consults directly with inventors and investors.

His sole focus for
KBE+ is to continue to pursue the type of job that other consulting agencies are not comfortable handling; with the end objective of making KBE+ the “Go To” Engineering firm for automotive solutions and technological expertise.

The goals for the company are to become a world-known source for gear and transmission design, analysts, testing and support. We have built a team of experts in the fields of gear design, application and manufacturing to support our client needs. Recently we added team members with relevant skills in torque converter design and testing, as well as engineers with control theory and hydro-mechanic expertise. We continue to push the state of the art in terms of analysis and simulation technologies to better understand the working phenomena of transmission functions.

Mark’s experience spans a wide range of power transmission fields. He has worked in the low volume, custom design arena of off-highway drive-trains as a Design Engineer. He has worked for start-up and new technology companies as Test Engineer for the Torsen division of Gleason Works with responsibility for all development and production test activities world-wide. He also has extensive experience in high-volume, cost sensitive markets as a Design and Research Engineer with New Venture Gear.

As a leader in the application of CAE technologies to supervisor of test laboratories, Mark has combined his skills and experience of geared systems, with that of his team of highly trained and well seasoned engineers, to amass the expertise required to support major clients in the automotive industry. As well, Mark continues to publish and teach transmission design and application through various professional societies and universities.

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